Ransom @ MCC

The starting point of all achievement is desire. ~Napoleon Hill

+Watercolor 1

The Work

  • Wet-on-wet pouring (big sky silhouette); media;watercolor
  • Painting shapes individually (fruit and vegetable contour still life); media;watercolor
  • Ink & watercolor; media (still life subject);
  • Watercolor as a compliment (still life contour line drawing); media;watercolor
  • Water color brush techniques
  • Big sky & silhouette (underpainting & wet into wet);
  • Landscape (to include a forground,middle ground,and background); media;watercolor
  • Final project(incorporating all tequniques from prior projects); media;watercolor
  • +Drawing 1

    The Work

  • Drawing/color pencil techniques
  • Drawing/pastel pencil techniques
  • Folklore/mythology; media:color pencil
  • Self portrait; media:pastels
  • Drawing/color pencil still life
  • Drawing/pastel technique and still life
  • Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead); media pastels
  • Spray paint project; media:spray paint
  • +Design 1

    My Work

  • Exercise in elements and principles of design; media:construction paper
  • Exercise in depth, space, and scale; media:construction, magazine paper
  • Exercise in balance and composition; media:construction paper
  • Collage; applying balance, composition, and priniples of design
  • Exercise in balance and composition; media:construction paper
  • Exercise in texture; media:watercolor, construction, magazine paper
  • Self portrait; principle of color theory; media:gouache
  • Collage; economy and simplification; media:construction paper
  • +